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8 Beautiful Places To Go On Your Honeymoon

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A marriage ceremony is one of the most beautiful events that you could ever witness. It is a celebration of a commitment by two people to live together in peace, harmony and tranquility in the face of life’s challenges and successes. A marriage ceremony is even more special when it is your marriage ceremony. You and your spouse need some time off to discover each other even more. You both need to go off on a perfect honeymoon to grow your love and enjoy each other’s company. Here are a couple of beautiful honeymoon locations that you could opt for.

1. The Bahamas

Bahamas Caraibi www.ideeperviaggiare.it

You could explore more than seven hundred islands in the Bahamas. It has one of the best coastlines in the world with a tropical climate that is well suited for swimming in the ocean and basking in the sun. Enjoy Calypso music and the rocking nightlife as you and your spouse enjoy a life without the normal interruptions of the Western world.

2. Costa Rica

costa rica jaco

This is a wildly exotic country found in Central America. Its pristine rainforest and exotic wildlife complements its tropical climate. It is a perfect combination of relaxation, exploration of nature and the discovery of wildlife. It is a perfect getaway for couples with a sense of adventure.

3. India

Taj Mahal Agra, India

This subcontinent was the crown jewel of the British Empire for years on end. It ignited the imagination of the ancient Greeks including Alexander the Great. You should visit India and see its majestic architecture, experience its diverse culture and bear witness to its rich history. You can even visit the Taj Mahal, built by the emperor Shah Jahan as a tomb to house his death stricken wife.

4. Rome, Italy

Rome Italy - Roman Temple of Antonino and Faustina Church San Lorenzo In Miranda
This is an ideal location for newlywed couples who love the urban life and appreciate modern day culture. Rome plays host to some of the world’s finest restaurants, music theatres and art museums. You can also look at the magnificent buildings built by Roman Emperors in ancient times when Rome was the capital of the Western world.

5. Paris, France

This is the fabled city of love. It is a hotbed of modern culture and excellent fashion. The city also has some of the best restaurants in the world. Paris is indeed one of the most romantic destinations in the world and an obvious choice for couples who feel as though they need to rekindle the love that they share.

6. Hawaii, United States

Kahanamoku Lagoon,Waikiki,Oahu,Hawaii
This tiny island off the West Coast of the United States has a rich array of alpine meadows, dense rain forests, lush landscapes and enormous sea mountains. It is a perfect getaway destination for couples on their honeymoon.

7. Santorini, Greece

Greek culture is legendary. You should visit Santorini and experience Greek hospitality. Here you will find delicious Greek delicacies, red and black sandy beaches and some of the best wines you will ever taste.

8. Tahiti, French Polynesia

There is more to do in Tahiti than just basking in the sun or swimming in the ocean. In Tahiti, you can snorkel or take boats rides with your new spouse. You can go to the modern and well-equipped Polynesian spas or visit the local population and see their traditional thatch roofed housing. Tahiti is sure to offer you adventure and loads of joy.

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